PCMFund Objective

Peter Cernansky Memorial Fund Inc.’s (PCMFund) mission is to fund or provide programs that help all kids transition from adolescence into adulthood. Primary emphasis is maintaining each student’s academic and personal development engagement via extracurricular activities and sports.

The point is not to do so negatively (whereby access to an activity or sport is denied due to poor academic or behavioral performance) but more positively where the activity or sport holds the student’s focus conveying the need for energy and diligence to more mundane tasks such as the ‘drudgery’ of homework or practice. Today’s technologically and social media stimulated youth maybe ‘unnaturally’ distracted at a key point in their lives as they adapt to levels of social awareness not present in younger ages, such as handling peer pressure, reconciling seeming adult hypocrisy (do as I say not as I do), access to intoxicants, cultural messages which contradict what they grew up with in primary and middle school grades.

The objective is to help ‘carry them’ through the stormy terrain of adolescence via focused program efforts to enable them to ultimately become aware of their potential, abilities and characteristics. Particular emphasis is directed to grades none and ten with ancillary focus on grades eight, eleven and twelve. Later grades should become aware of their leadership roles as mentors and role-models for kids immediately following them in the manner of older brothers and sisters.

Initially, high school football may appear to be overly highlighted by PCMFund but that is the sentimental starting point. But football is a unique ‘program’ which covers a larger (than a typical sport) participation base stretching over a wide societal demograph where long term effort, attention, work habits, discipline, sustained involvement and yearly experience/development demonstrate ‘building blocks’ of success necessary for competitive engagement with other schools (peers).

Projects Supported

PCMFund backs programs where students become engaged in a 'read/react' skills development effort which builds upon the more academically and character-oriented program side for more focused and effective 'real time' decision-making capabilities...

Use of Proceeds

PCMFund has been created with the singular focus of developing counseling, tutoring and developmental programs, including academic support/assistance, for students ranging from 7th through 12th grade to facilitate the transition into high school and beyond, whether college or adult life.

General Contributions

The Peter Cernansky Memorial Fund thanks you for your generous contribution and program support.

About PCMFund

Peter Cernansky Memorial Fund Inc. (PCMFund) was created in Fall of 2013 and has administered net proceeds payments related to the past two (2013 and 2014) and upcoming (June 29, 2015) Memoral Golf Tournament, Dinner and Auction Events …. e.g., funding  for Purple PACT program).  PCMFund was/is the sponsoring legal entity for the Event. PCMFund was deemed an organization exempt under Code section 501(c)(3) and a public charity with effective date of exemption November 6, 2013 for contribution deductibility.  On July 18, 2014 the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection deemed Peter Cernansky Memorial Fund Inc. a registered Public Charity.

Fund Projects

PCMFund’s primary fund-raising effort. The 3rd Event is on June 29, 2015, Monday again at Rockrimmon Country Club in North Stamford. See www.pcmgolf.org where sponsorship details and Event activities can be purchased (golf rounds, dinner tickets, lists of auction items and sponsors/contributors and other transactional support. Special Event hotel room rates are available as well.

An AthLife Foundation model program which is focused on the development of the individual as a whole including academics as a component of the broader coverage. AthLife took over the NFL Foundation developed PlayItSmart program and has continued to develop and enhance this validated development program. See AthLife for more info.

Focused on capturing the attention of incoming freshman immediately. In part it underscore the daily time management and individual development necessary for each recipient in context of a longer term (academic year) framework.
Eventually, it is hoped that insights from these ‘specialty position’ (where leadership, read/reaction and judgment are integral to athletic execution) efforts will recycle back into the AthLife program efforts. The hope is ‘clinics’ such as these might expand to other like positions in other sports (e.g., point guards, hockey & lacrosse centers, catchers, etc.).
Ultimate expansion, after the early ‘beta’ years, of Purple PACT into a broader range of sports and extracurricular activities and other high schools.
Trial effort to introduce 8th graders (middle school) to their approaching high school years via ‘flash’ experiences where the 8th graders spend more than nominal time in high school setting where they are likely to attend via high school students who recognize the importance of mentoring younger students (big brother/big sister activity… by sport or extracurricular activity).
Expansion of Westhill High School Academy of Finance present award.

Donators & Sponsors