There is only one way that time flows Just as the way grass grows Or the way waves crash Or as people ash We can’t stop it It has a grappling hold We sit and reflect But time may never be retold Choices stick, history is written There’s no stopping it … no place to go Fathers die, babies are born Now let me ask you What is it all for? The pain in life Is entrenched very deep Whatever you do Don’t let your time leap Cherish each day as if it’s your last Because none may trespass into the past Peter Cernansky (December 2011)

- Sunny Hours

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Fund Projects

PCMFund’s primary fund-raising effort. The 3rd Event is on June 29, 2015, Monday again at Rockrimmon Country Club in North Stamford. See where sponsorship details and Event activities can be purchased (golf rounds, dinner tickets, lists of auction items and sponsors/contributors and other transactional support. Special Event hotel room rates are available as well.

An AthLife Foundation model program which is focused on the development of the individual as a whole including academics as a component of the broader coverage. AthLife took over the NFL Foundation developed PlayItSmart program and has continued to develop and enhance this validated development program. See AthLife for more info.

Focused on capturing the attention of incoming freshman immediately. In part it underscore the daily time management and individual development necessary for each recipient in context of a longer term (academic year) framework.
Eventually, it is hoped that insights from these ‘specialty position’ (where leadership, read/reaction and judgment are integral to athletic execution) efforts will recycle back into the AthLife program efforts. The hope is ‘clinics’ such as these might expand to other like positions in other sports (e.g., point guards, hockey & lacrosse centers, catchers, etc.).
Ultimate expansion, after the early ‘beta’ years, of Purple PACT into a broader range of sports and extracurricular activities and other high schools.
Trial effort to introduce 8th graders (middle school) to their approaching high school years via ‘flash’ experiences where the 8th graders spend more than nominal time in high school setting where they are likely to attend via high school students who recognize the importance of mentoring younger students (big brother/big sister activity… by sport or extracurricular activity).
Expansion of Westhill High School Academy of Finance present award.